[Accessorize] # 5. Backpacks

Backpacks have been one of most important items among men, especially students and even young adults!

In these days, many people have smart phones, so we need to make our two hands free from some stuff.

Thus, many people prefer backpacks!

Backpacks are active and practical.

At the same time, they are stylish and classic!

Also, cute!! 🙂

Backpacks are not for only students!


[Optical] # 3. Tom Ford

He is one of my favorite actor.

His name is 차승원.

He was a fashion model, but now days he does acting.

Above picture is one scene from his one of famous drama, 최고의 사랑.

In the drama, he wore Tom Ford sunglasses very often.

Visit the official website! http://www.tomford.com/#/en/eyewear

Let’s be prepared for this summer 🙂



[Fashionista] # 6. Shorts

For this summer…

Be a fashionista with SHORTS 🙂


Actually, it is very hard to wear shorts with being fashionable.

You should spend more time to pick your items when you wear shorts.

I will give you some great tips for wearing shorts.


Shorts + Shirts 🙂

This combination looks classic and gentle.

White shirts would be always one of best choice with any color of shorts.


Another thing that you should care about is shoes.

Loafer would be a great option with your shorts.

Besides loafer, boat shoes are another great option!


If you want more, you can use your blazer!








[Fashionista] # 5. Jersey

I am a big fan of sports, especially soccer.

I like watching and playing soccer.

In addition, I like to collect soccer jerseys.

In these days, many people start wearing soccer jerseys, as normal t shirts in South Korea.

They show their loyalty for favorite teams by wearing jerseys!



[Accessorize] # 4. Fedora

Charlie Chaplin !

Beginning of fedora ?!

“The fedora as a personal statement has made impacts on American and global culture: Indiana Jones popularized his fedora in the Indiana Jones franchise.”

Fedora is a great fashion item that gives you classic and casual images.

Depends on how to wear, you can be a gentleman or bohemian 🙂

Without a special coordination, Fedora makes you outstanding!

Try it with your any t shirts 🙂

[Accessorize] # 3. Headphone

Beats By Dr. Dre

SOUL by Ludacris

I really do not know many things about headphones, but I think these two brands are HOT in these days.

You might see many people wearing those headphones, especially beats by Dr. dre.

I am not a professional about headphones and music.

I love listening music. I am a big fan of Lady Gaga 🙂

Anyway… I got a headphone last winter and I did not spend a lot on headphone.

As I mentioned, I do know know many things about the headphones.

I just cared design, color and price 😛

Some people say that headphones from Skull Candy are just earplugs.

Well.. in my opinion, this is not really bad.

It is cute 🙂